1. How to embed the map to my webpage?

    After you have created your map, please click the "Publish" button and publish to a folder on your computer. A HTML page will be created automatically. You can edit the HTML page with any HTML editor and upload to your server. You can also refer to our online user guide here.
  2. How to embed the Flash map to Powerpoint?

    For Windows version iMapBuilder, you can capture the screen and save it as an image for you to embed into PowerPoint slides.

    In iMapBuilder Online, you can use the screen capture method to capture the map image and then save as an image, or you may embed the Flash map to powerpoint with the steps here.
  3. Is iMapBuilder compatible with Frontpage or Dreamweaver?

    iMapBuilder's map file is in SWF format, and it can only be edit using iMapBuilder software. You can use Frontpage or Dreamweaver to edit the HTML page content which the Flash map was embedded in.
  4. I am looking for a map that can be used on documents, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, slideshow, etc. Do you have something that can handle this and is easily updatable?

    You can export the map as image for document/Powerpoint presentation, but you will lose the interactive functions such as tooltips and infobox in a static image.
  5. How can I display the map on Joomla sites?

    You can publish and upload the whole folder /iMapBuilder/ to your server and paste the embed code generated by the software into the HTML view of content editing page in your Joomla's Administrator account.

    You can also use our iMapBuilder online version to create the map, and paste the embed code directly to Joomla's page to display the map.
  6. How can I embed the map into online website builder which doesn't come with FTP facility?

    If you are using a website builder without FTP function, we suggest you to try iMapBuilder online - which is the web based version of iMapBuilder, and requires no FTP to your server, therefore avoid any file structure problem.

    You can sign up a free account at here, create a map, and then paste to your site builder in HTML mode.

  7. How can I embed the map into Wordpress, Joomla, Yahoo! SiteBuilder, Drupal, Microsoft Expression Web and other CMS or blog?

    If you are using Windows version, you can click here for details. For web-based version, you can click here for the steps.
  8. Can we link a pdf when we click on a place maker?

    Yes - you can link the city to a web address, an image, or a PDF file. You simply need to type in full path to the PDF file.
  9. Can we publish the map in local drive but not make it online?

    You can already do this with the trial version. All iMapBuilder maps can work offline without any Internet connection. You can test this by publishing a project to one of your folder, and then open the map directly inside the folder.
  10. I have purchased a US map template, how can I install it in iMapBuilder?

    Please visit our user guide here.
  11. How does your online and downloaded software produce interactive maps sized to fit smartphones, such as iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android, MS Mobile 7?

    Our map products are targeted to desktop platforms. They are using Flash technology so any mobile devices with Flash Player installed can browse our maps (except iOS-based devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

    If you want to develop maps for mobile devices, you can try our HTML5 version of map builder and image map creator. The published map can be viewed in Desktop, Mac, Mobile and Tablet devices and also it's responsive which allows you to easily embed into responsive websites

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