1. How can I purchase an iMapBuilder template and remove the watermark?

    Please purchase from here. After payment confirmed an instant download link and a license key will be sent to your email a/c. Then follow the instructions in the order mail to install the software.
  2. Why some of my map still show the watermark, although I have purchased iMapBuilder?

    Please make sure the template you are using is included in the package you bought.

    If the project was edited by trial version before, simply select "files -> update map in project" in the main menu so that the demo button will be removed.
  3. How can I re-download the registered software after formatting my computer?

    Please request your download link again using our order tracking form here
  4. I cannot install iMapBuilder, it said it requires admin account to install. What can I do?

    First time installation of iMapBuilder

    1. Account with admin rights is required to install iMapBuilder.

    2. It is recommended to use the same user account in both installation and running iMapBuilder.

    3. If admin rights are not granted to user account for some reasons, you should
    - download the version v2.52 or above
    - install the iMapBuilder using the account the admin rights
    - running the iMapBuilder using an account with the read/ write permission to his/ her user application data folder

    Note: You can open a window explorer to access user application data folder by typing "%appdata%"

    4. Installing on a share environment is not recommended because iMapBuilder is not designed to run in share environment.

    Reinstall iMapBuilder

    If you need to reinstall, it is suggested to remove the old copy of iMapBuilder, clear up the temporary folder and reinstall the new copy.

    Please try the following step to install the iMapBuilder software:
    1. Close the iMapBuilder
    2. Uninstall it
    3. Open a Window Explorer, type in %appdata% navigate to the user's application data folder
    4. Search for "iMapBuilder" folder and delete this temporary folder
    5. Install the iMapBuilder with an administrative account.
  5. I would like to use iMapBuilder to create clickable photos of our networks with images like our server room and cubicle layouts with mouse-rollover information pertaining to what equipment is located where, etc. Which version should I buy?

    You may choose the iMapBuilder Developer version as you do not need maps.
  6. We have an intranet site (1 domain) which has 1 admin account to create the map and about 3000 users to view.

    iMapBuilder licenses are tied to users who install the software for creating maps. For single user license, install iMapBuilder on both desktop and laptop which own by the paid user is granted.

    Each license also grants the rights to embed / distribute maps on equal number of website domains. There is no any limitation on number of website visitors who view or use the map.

    For 1 user 1 domain, it means you can install iMapBuilder for using by 1 developer, and you can use the maps on multiple pages on your website (1 domain).

    Therefore for your intranet site (1 domain), if only 1 admin person will use the software to create the map, the single user license is suitable for you.
  7. After I have purchased your software, will I have to pay any reoccurring upgrade fees of any kind, or will I only pay the one time purchase price?

    You have to pay once for the software and use indefinitely. Full versions do not have any timebomb and we offer one year of free update service included (or you can pay more to extend the update service for 2 years).
  8. Does one have to purchase the template and software if we have never used this iMapBuilder before? Does it require both to work? Thanks.

    Yes - if you have not used the software (iMapBuilder for Windows) before, you will need to purchase both the template, and software in order to edit and publish the maps.

    Alternatively, you can consider iMapBuilder Online, which is web based and does not require installation of software.
  9. I was wondering what services are included in your $99 package. I was looking to make an interactive map of the world with specific countries highlighted.

    We provide online support service and free software update for 1 year to all customers. The basic package contains 10 maps only which does not include the countries map you need.

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