1. I meet problem when uploading files to my server, it reports error code 11004

    This maybe your ftp information is incorrect, please check with your web hosting company.
    For 11004 error code, it should be you type in http:// or ftp:// in Ftp Host field, please remove the http:// or ftp://.
    The address field should look like ftp.example.com or www.example.com
  2. Why the map I uploaded comes out all wrong? It does not show and points are scattered everywhere?

    This happened probably because you have changed the imported map image. As the pinpoint are located relative to the map (let's say 800x600 ), the pinpoint should be within 800x600, if you change to another image (say 1024x768), the coordinates of added points will be incorrect afterwards. It is better to preview in the imapbuilder software before uploading.
    If you have no problem in the imapbuilder software preview, then it should be the problem in uploading, for example, the files are not completely uploaded.
  3. When preview the map locally, I get a message "Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation" or the hyperlink is not working, what cause this to happen?

    If this happens, it is usually because of Adobe security measure prevent a local flash application connect to remote hyperlink, the problem will be solved after uploading files to server.
  4. How to export image in the online version using Mac?

    For Mac Users, You can screen capture the map with the this shortcut
    “command+shift+4” and click to pull the mouse. The image will be captured directly in the desktop
    “command+shift+3” can capture the whole screen.

    For Window Vista or Window 7 users, you can press Print Screen button or use Snipping Tool to cut the image easily.
  5. When we print the map, they're coming out blurry.

    This is caused by the difference between the resolution of the medium. A computer monitor usually have a 72-96 DPI resolution, which means there are 72 to 96 dots within 1 inch of length. For a printing quality, it normally requires at least 300 DPI. So if you tried to make a screen capture of things displayed on your monitor (low resolution) and print it out directly, everything will go blur.

    To solve this problem you should either reduce the output size, or increase the image size on screen. For example, if your monitor is 72DPI and your original map is 200x100 px, if you want to print it to the same size as displayed on your monitor while maintaining a print quality of 300DPI, you should change the original size to : (200*300/72)px x (100*300/72)px, which is around 833x417 px.
  6. Could a client of ours make changes to their online map, or would we need to do it for them from the PC, and then upload?

    Please note the PC version and the Online version are two separate programs.

    If you decide to use the PC version, you will install the software on your PC and upload the maps to your client's server. There is no need to purchase the online version. But all updates must be done by you with the software first.

    If you use the online version, all maps are hosted on our server and. In such case you can give the access to your client for them to update the map by themselves.

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