Flash Map Software

Create interactive maps for websites and presentations quickly


All-in-1 software for instant map making.
No programming or design knowledge required

  • Create a map using HTML5 templates,
    or import your own custom map images
  • Import data & generate heat map charts
  • Add clickable points, rollover effects and
    other interactive functions
  • Use online on websites and blogs
    or offline for presentations
Download Free Trial or Try Online Map Editor in Browser,
viewable on PC, Mac & iPad

Our valued customers include:

Thematic map

Using a country or world map template

Create thematic map
  • Make your own map or thematic map with just a few mouse clicks, no coding.
  • Build interactive map with pinpoint, heat map, legend, line drawing and zoom features.
  • A wide variety of regional maps to select.
  • Custom maps can also be created upon request.
Interactive map

Make your map image come alive

create interactive map
  • Convert various image files including JPG, PNG, GIF & SHP into an instant interactive map.
  • Add clickable points, lines, icons, mouse-over text, custom regions, infoboxes & legends to a static image map.
  • Create an interactive image map for adding to websites, blogs, forum or send as an email link with just a couple simple clicks.
Custom Google map

Create street level and location maps

create custom google map
  • Advanced Google Map Editor with user friendly interface for creating a custom map with your own set of locations, POI, annotations, icons and pop up infobox.
  • Embed map to website, or linking to it in an email with simple copy & paste.
  • Plot locations on country, state or street maps using coordinates, addresses or zip codes.
  • Importing addresses or locations from Excel or CSV files to Google Map Editor, or dynamically linking up your database to plot routes and locations.

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