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Draw a route on a map

Actions Steps
To add a new curve
  1. From toolbar, select curve drawing tool to add routes on your map.
  1. Drag the blue node on the curve to adjust the curvature.

draw route on a map

  1. Drag the red nodes to the change the start and end points.

  1. Change the properties of the curve by modifying the options in the Curve Line dialog. See the section To edit the curve for details.
To edit the curve
  1. Click edit button to modify settings of a route.

curve line setting

Displaying the Curve Line dialog

  1. You can:
    • Assign Category ID.
    • Select a line color from the Color Picker.
    • Increase the Thickness of the line.
    • Add symbol(s) (such as dots or arrows) on the route to indicate directions.
    • Mouse over tooltip description of the curve.
    • Mouse click the path and link to the target web address.
  1. Click OK to apply the settings.