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Draw paths on a map and show directions

You can draw paths on the map. The Point & Label dialog opens when you click continuous line or path.

Point & Label dialog

Displaying Point, Lines and Custom Region List

Actions Steps
To add a new path
  1. Click continuous line or path. A line of path appears on the map, the Path Line is added to the Point, Lines and Custom Region List.

path drawing

Displaying a path on the map

item list: Path

Displaying an item added to Point, Lines and Custom Region List

To edit the path
  • Click Edit point for the path you want to edit. The Path Line dialog opens.
  • edit path setting

    Displaying the Path editing dialog

    1. You can:
      • Assign Category ID.
      • Change the Path Line Color. Click the color and select a color from the Color Picker.
      • Style of the path Line.
      • Increase the Thickness of the line.
      • Change the Opacity of the line.
      • Add a symbol such as an arrow, dot, and so on at the beginning of the line or at the end. Choose a symbol from the dropdown.
      • Mouse over tooltip description of the path.
      • Mouse click the path and link to the target url website address.
    1. Click OK to apply the settings.
    To delete a path
  • Click Delete point for the path you want to delete. The path will be deleted.