Refund Policy

iMapBuilder HTML5 has been designed and built so customers can try the software with all its features and templates, before purchasing to make sure it meets their needs.

We encourage you download iMapBuilder HTML5 before you buy. We offer a fully functional trial version with map templates for potential users to "try before you buy".

When a user makes a purchase online, we email the user the registered version of iMapBuilder templates, plus an electronic license key. Given the fact that the download link and license key are all delivered in digital format by email, there is no way to take the license key code back from a purchased user.

Therefore, it is assumed that when a user register our software, he/she is satisfied with the program's features and functionalities, so that NO refund/return request would therefore be requested by the user on such basis.

If you have not tested our free evaluation versions from our download sites, please do so before you place your order to make sure that the product you are ordering is what you want.