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Create a choropleth map

A choropleth map is a type of thematic map used for data visualization. Your data would be represented by shade of colors base on the magnitude.

Usually, you will find choropleth map to represent the population, GDP, unemployment rate of regions, counties or countries. The map example below is created with the heat map tool in iMapBuilder software. It provides a better way of visualizing geographic distribution. You may embed it into website with interactivity or export map to image and insert into document (e.g. pdf), powerpoint or even printed materials.

Utilize a choropleth map maker

  • Generate heat map
    Quickly get an idea on frequency or ratio across a geographic area by attractive colors. The gradient can be generated automatically.

  • Visual representation of data
    Present business or statistical data on a regional map. Hover to show detail information or exact values over countries with interaction.

  • Add a color legend
    Assist readers to understand the range or units that the choropleth map is using.

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