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Annotated map of the World

Annotated editable map can be created by simply adding labels using map software. Sometimes we have to keep the map clean and neat without adding too much overlays, and customized labels can be used to replace the tooltips and better present the map.

Features used in World Continent Map.

  • Add labels for annotation
    Labels can be added as an annotation for the map. Better present the map by customizing the font style of the labels to replace the small and standardized tooltips. In the sample map, labels are in different sizes to indicate the various size of the continents.

  • Customized Continents Colors
    Unique and styled interactive map can be created by edit the region color and region highlight color, furthermore, each region color's setting can be edited individually.

  • Insert infobox for providing details
    Infobox, which supported by HTML code, can be added to each region for providing details in various content types (e.g. text, images, videos).

  • Customized infobox style
    Infobox (e.g. color, size and font styles) can be customized to suit the map / company's image

  • Set default map view by disabling zooming and dragging
    Zooming and draggable functions can be disabled in order to preserve the default map view, and keep the map presentation consistency.

Map annotation is easy using iMapBuilder. Try it out!