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Embed Responsive Maps to WordPress (.org)

Upload and Embed a Map to WordPress

Follow the steps below to embed the responsive maps to WordPress.

  1. After creating the interactive maps, publish the map project and then upload the map files to the server or web hosting.
  2. In the Publishing window, check the Use full path for the embed code and type the URL of the map has been saved (For example:
  3. Click the Copy to Clipboard to copy the map embed code.
    Publish interactive HTML5 map
  4. Click Responsive Maps options if necessary
  5. Login to the WordPress account
  6. Mouseover the +New in the top navigation bar and then click Post.
  7. Type the title for the article, click Text tab
  8. Paste the interactive map embed code and then click Publish to publish the article.
    * If you do not have a FTP hosting server, please try our Instant Sharing which can upload the map to our cloud server.
Note: Website created by do not support javascript and custom wordpress plugins, you can only embed interactive maps into website which is created using self-hosted solution e.g . Please click here to check the difference between and

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