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Customize Region Properties Using Region Properties Panel

This panel is used to customize different properties of each region on the map template, which includes:

  • Title/Abbreviation
  • Colors in normal and highlight states
  • Content to be displayed in the infobox
  • Link to other website when a region is clicked
  • Group ID for group highlighting function
  • Data values for heat map and bubble chart

Map Region Properties (Part 1): Abbreviations / Tooltips / Color Settings / Mouseover Actions

Regions Panel

The Regions Panel is under the Map Properties Panel to the right hand side of the software. This panel includes the list of regions included in the template in alphabetical order. The total number of regions in the map template is displayed in green next to the search box.

Regional Properties

How to select a region to change its properties

  • Simply select any regions on the map editing area will load its properties in the Properties Panel. The Regions Panel to the right will also expand automatically with the region name highlighted. You may pan and zoom in to select small regions.
  • Expand the Regions Panel and scroll down the list for the region name. You can also enter the name of the region in the search box to get focus on that region.

Region Properties Panel

You can change the properties of each region in this panel in the lower part of the map editor.

Items Description
Title/ Abbreviation The name or abbreviation of the region. You have to enable this feature for this to work. Please refer to our Regions Abbreviation or Regions Tooltip article for details.
Hide abbreviation Check this box if you do not want to display the region name.
Color Setting
Normal Change the normal color of the region from the color palette.
Highlight Change the highlight color of the region from the color palette.
Feature Attribute
Group ID You can assign map regions with the same ID and they will be highlighted together upon mouse hovering. You have to enable this feature for this to work. Enter 0 (zero) if you want to disable group highlighting for the region. Please refer to our Group Highlighting article for details.
Heat Map Data Enter the heat map data value of the region. You have to enable this feature for this to work. Please refer to our Heat Map article to enable and create a heat map.
Bubble Chart Data Enter the bubble chart data value to create bubble chart over the region. You have to enable this feature for this to work. Please refer to our Bubble Chart article to enable and add bubble charts.
Disable Heat map Check the box for disabling the region in the Heat Map
Link to Web Address Set the URL of the region so that it would open the link when it is clicked. Enter your desired web address in the first box, and choose the target of the link in the second drop down menu. Here are the options:
  • New Window (_blank)
  • Same Frame (_self)
  • Parent Frame (_parent)
  • Root Frame (_top)
  • You may enter the name of the frame as the link target.
Show infobox Enter the content you want to display upon hovering of the region by the mouse pointer. Our infobox supports HTML content, so you can add formatted text, images, audios, videos and even forms to the infobox. Please ensure that your content is well-formed and syntactically correct to avoid any formatting or display issues.
Region State
Hide Region You can customize the map template by hiding specific region according to your need in following steps:
  1. Mouse click the region you want to hide.
  2. Check the "Hide Region" checkbox.

Use Data Grid to edit region properties in batch

If you have large number of region properties to be edited or applied to groups, you can use the Data Grid to change them without the need to change each region one by one. Click the More Options button on the Region Panel and select Edit Region Properties in Data Grid.

Open Data Grid from Region Properties Panel

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