Add marker to map

Besides changing the color of each land, you can also add makers and lines to enrich your interactive map. You may draw a flight routes, or you can locate your office location.

Note: You may also try our iMapBuilder HTML5 that can create responsive map. Click here to details!
  1. Prepare your project and load into iMapBuilder Software
  2. On the sidebar, you can find a set of "Points & Lines" buttons including points, lines, label, image and legend. Click one of the buttons.

  3. You will see the points and lines editor. A function list at the top, a preview panel on the right and an attribute edit panel on the bottom.

    add marker to map

  4. You can add interactive point icons, show tooltips or map infowindow when mouse over or mouse click on the them. You can also draw lines and curves, adding labels or even logos on the interactive map.

Drag-and-drop markers

  1. First, click on the add Point / Label icon again, you will see the box "List of Items" which listed all the points you have added on the left.

  2. Click on the item you like to MOVE, and you will see the [red cursor] appears again for you to pinpoint a new location.
  3. Move it around, then click [Apply] to confirm the new position. And its done.