Adjust HTML page properties

iMapBuilder - Interactive Map Software allows you to assign title, META description and META keywords on the generated webpage.

Defining the HTML properties for the page containing the map

  1. Switch to the HTML Settings tab.
  2. Enter a title for the page containing the map in the Page Title field.
  3. Enter a description for your page in the META Description field. It would be for displaying in search results.
  4. Enter keywords (internet users use these keywords to search for information or products from the search engines) related to your web page in the META Keywords field.
  5. Set a background color for your page by entering color code into the Background Color field. Or click the button besides to open the color palette.

  6. Select or define a custom color and click OK.
  7. Click save as default to save the HTML settings for the entire project.
  8. Click Yes to confirm the changes. The changes will be reflected in the Preview panel.