Change map properties

iMapBuilder - Interactive Map Software offers you a variety of ways to fine tune your map settings.

Set Background image or color

  1. Click the down arrow next to the color field. Pick a color from the palette.

  2. Or click the color button for advanced options: (hue, saturation and luminance).
  3. Click browse button to insert a background image.

Show map tooltip when mouseover

Enable this option to display region name (such as country name) when a place is highlighted.

mouseover map tooltip

Adjust Map Size

In iMapBuilder, you may resize or scale the map by changing width/ height values.
( It would always keep map graphic at an aspect ratio, padding would be added to make it align to center. )

When you set a full size map (100% x 100%),
please make sure the outer container (<table> cell or <div> division) has width/ height values.
Otherwise, some browser may not display it properly.

edit map embed dimensions
The maximum dimensions of a Flash map are 2880 x 2880 pixels.