Embed map into WordPress

By following the steps below, you can embed the interactive map that you have created into WordPress blog easily.

  1. After you have created your own map, please click the Publish button to publish and upload all files to your server. For details, please visit here.
  2. Check use full path for the embed code and enter the URL where the /imapbuilder/ folder is uploaded to. For example, http://www.example.com/. Click copy to clipboard button.

  3. Login your Wordpress account, click pages and then click add new to add new article.

  4. Switch to HTML tab, paste the embed code and remove any carriage return in the embed code. Click publish to proceed.

    paste the map embed code to wordpress
    Note: Your text editor might add line breaks <br /> in the embed code. Please be certain that it doesn't happen - that the code appears as much as a "block" as possible. With extra line breaks, the code might not work and the map will not show up.
  5. A message page published shows. Click view page.
  6. The interactive map is now embedded to Wordpress blog.

    interactive map is embedded to Wordpress blog
Tips: If you don't have a hosting server, you can use iMapBuilder Online to create interactive map and embed into blogging or CMS website.