Create image map

Besides maps of country or county, you may sometimes need to create a details city, street map or floor plan, make it interactive, you can then use the import custom map image function and edit using iMapBuilder.

Note: Our new Interactive Image Creator - iiCreator can create responsive image map which can be viewed in desktop, Mac, mobile and tablet, click here to download now!
  1. To import a custom map image, prepare an image file in (JPG, PNG ,GIF or SHP format).
  2. Run iMapBuilder, in Start Wizard, click Import .

    import image map

  3. After importing your own map image, the original width/ height should be auto detected, if it's not the actual size, you can edit and update the map size.
    (Note: It is recommended to use original size to publish your map to keep the best quality)

  4. You can then edit using iMapBuilder, adding points, lines, curves, tooltips and labels to make the map interactive.