Purchase a license

To get rid of watermarks on maps in the software you need to purchase a license. Once purchased you will also receive updates and patches of the software.

  1. Visit the pricing page here , you can see various packages containing different map templates. If you want to buy maps individually, please click here.
    Note: If you are using iMapBuilder HTML5 version, please visit the order page here, or you can buy interactive map templates separately, please click here.

  2. View map list and features of each of these packages.
  3. Follow the instructions to use your credit card to make the purchase. Several other payment options such as PayPal and eCheck are also available.
  4. Once a successful purchase is made, you will receive an email containing software download link and license key.

Install the software and map template

  1. For users who purchase packages, they have to enter the registration name and license key.

  2. If you purchase individual maps, please refer to the topic here to install them.

  3. Note: If the project was edited with trial version before, simply select File > Update Map in Project in the main menu so that the watermark will be removed.

If you are a Mac OS user or prefer a web based application, try iMapBuilder Online.