Create a color coded map

You can customize the map border and region color. And add link to an area.
create a color coded map

Using the Region Settings tab of the Map Options and Region Settings panel at the bottom, you can add colors to the various regions of a map.

  1. Click the Region Settings tab.

    The list of divisions of the map are listed in left side.
  2. To set a name for the region enter a name in the Name to Display (Tooltip text content) field.
  3. To set the color or link for a Region, click that region in the list.
    • To set a usual color for the region select Normal Color radio button. Select a color from the palette on the right now titled normal color.
    • To set a highlight color (It will be colored when the mouse points to the particular region on the map), select the Highlight Color radio button and select a color from the palette on the right now titled Highlight Color.

Other Color Setting

You can also change the general map color, background pattern, map border color for all lands, map transition effect and highlight effect for the lands under More Map Options tab.

Map Color Theme Setting

Other than the color setting method above, a color setting button on the left under the Settings option can be used too.

Then a pop up window shows few color combinations for users to select. In the second tab customize map color setting, colors can be customized as well.

Map Links

  1. To make the region open a link, link to a file or a Google map, click the link button. The setup your link dialog shows.

  2. Select the appropriate radio button to link the region to.

    If you select web address enter or paste the URL of the webpage.

    If you select file location, click browse to select a file.
    You need to ensure the file is uploaded to appropriate directory.
    Or you can select Google Map, enter or paste the URL of the map.

  3. Select the link target: same window, popup window or specific target.
  4. To remove an existing link, click the cross button.