Interface introduction

In this topic we will introduce the interface of iMapBuilder map software. Detailed instructions of other functions are covered under subsequent topics.

The map software interface consists of the following parts:

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Toolbar
  3. Sidebar
  4. Map Options Tab
  5. Region Settings Tab
  6. Map Color and Effects Tab

iMapBuilder map software interface

Menu Bar

Access functions of iMapBuilder application through the Menu Bar.


Several important software functions are displayed on horizontal Toolbar as shortcut icons. You may mouseover an icon to read tooltips information.


The vertical Sidebar contains major functions of the map editor. You may enable features, edit preferences and find drawing tools here.

Map Options Tab

map options tab in software

Change map size or background properties on Map Options tab.
For details about map project settings please click here.

Region Settings Tab

region settings tab in software

Manage appearance or click action of individual area on Region Settings tab. The Grid Edit Mode is suitable for bulk update data. For details about map region color please click here.

Map Color and Effects Tab

map color and effects tab

Edit map styles or pattern on Map Color and Effects Tab. For details about background color and effects please click here.

Preview Tab

map preview screen in softwre

Preview Tab displays the map you are editing. Sometimes you need to click the Refresh Map button on the Toolbar to reflect you latest changes.

Page Properties Tab

On Page Properties Tab, you are able to set the background color for the generated web document (HTML file). For details about HTML page properties please click here.