Import major cities

iMapBuilder allows you to plot markers to locate major cities on an interactive map accurately. It simplifies the process of inserting a large number of points so users no longer need to add them one by one.

Note: Our iMapBulider HTML5 support importing cities using latitude and longitude and over 20000 cities available in the world, you can easily add cities with a few clicks.

import city to interactive map

Note: If you need to add more major cities (which are not in our list), you can add it manually using the add marker function.


  1. Click the button below on sidebar.

  2. In section define the icon style, you can check the option show label behind the marker or show tooltip for when needed. By default a star icon is used, you can change it to another one by clicking change button.

    In section select city/ capital, select cities you want to add. You can import your data from an Excel Unicode text file (.txt) by pressing import data file or click paste from clipboard button to paste the data from clipboard. You can also click copy all to clipboard button to copy the data or export the data to Excel by pressing export data file button. Click add to proceed.

  3. You can edit the markers, toolips or infobox when clicking the city name under list of items section. Click apply to update.

  4. Markers have been added to locate major cities on a map.

    US map with major cities