Plot locations on map using latitude and longitude

iMapBuilder supports to add marker using latitude and longitude coordinates, which is suitable for pinpointing city locations, displaying branch offices across the regions, or showing an absolute location of a particular place. The software allows you to add pins through the data grid, or import from an Excel spreadsheet file.

Note: Only some maps in Flash version support latitude/longitude, you can try our iMapBuilder HTML5 if you want to import markers using latitude/longitude values. Please refer to our user guide for html5 version.

  1. Select File > New in the toolbar. Click latitude and longitude map in start wizard, a list of maps would be displayed such as World countries and United States (Geo).
  2. To add icon, you can click on the bulk input/ import data button and select markers under points and lines section.

  3. You are required to assign the default type of mouseover/ mouse click event properties, this setting will apply to all the imported points. In section 1, select the tooltips styles, set the color/ width. After that, select mouse click event properties and choose the map icons. Fill in the information of marker using Grid in section 2 as below:

    Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet file
    You can import your data from a spreadsheet Unicode text file (.txt) by pressing import data file or click paste from clipboard button to paste the data from clipboard.

    Click import data file, load a data file in TXT format, select a recent datafile or load a sample data.

    Column Description Sample
    Marker name A reference name shown in the item list. Washington DC
    Latitude The latitude coordinate of the label in decimal degree format, range from 90 to -90 where N is positive and S is negative. 38.89
    Longitude The longitude coordinate of the label in decimal degree format, range from -180 to 180 where W is negative and E is positive.
    Icon Marker icon, click get icon path in section 2 to retrieve the icon path, then paste into this field. Or click apply to all to fill in the icon size and angle. icons/standard/dot_red.swf
    Icon Size Icon size in percentage, ranges from integer 1 to 300.
    Icon Angle The angle of rotation of the marker icon, ranges from integer -180 to 180.
    Marker label

    The text label besides the marker.

    Washington DC
    MO - Tooltip Description The description text for mouseover tooltip. The branch office is located here.
    MO - InfoBox Description The description text for the mouseover infobox. Contact person: John Smith
    MO - InfoBox Image The image path for the mouseover infobox. Only local path is supported. C:\Documents and Settings\image.gif
    MO - InfoBox Anchor The anchor position of the mouseover infobox

    MC - Url The URL address to open when clicking the marker.
    MC - Url Target The target to open the URL Address, for example, _blank for new window, _self for same window.
    MC - InfoBox Description The description text for the mouse click infobox, leave it blank if URL type is selected The branch office is located here.
    MC - InfoBox Image The image path for the mouse click infobox.  
    MC - InfoBox Anchor The anchor position of the mouse click infobox

    Convert latitude and longitude coordinates to x/ y coordinates

    In case you may need to connect your database and generate the XML on the fly, you may need to convert the lat/ long coordinates to x/ y coordinates, because our XML will only support x/y coordinates.
    You may use the following formulas:

    For World Countries Map:

    X = (((180+Long)*800)/360);
    Y = (((90-Lat)*400.25)/180) - 14.25;

    For United States Mainland (GEO) Map:

    X = (((Long-(-124.73174))/(-66.94-(-124.73174))*800));
    Y = (((Lat-49.384358)/24.544701-49.384358)344));

    For United States (GEO) Map:

    if Long - (-187.538333) < 0 then
    Long = Long + 360
    else if Long - (-187.538333) > 360 then
    Long = Long - 360;
    X = (((Long-(-187.538333))/(-65.22111-(-187.538333))*800));

    Y = (((Lat-71.352560644)/(17.884813-71.352560644)*350));