Plot lines on maps

  1. Select File -> New in the toolbar. Click latitude/ longitude map in start wizard, a list of maps would be presented such as World countries, United States (Geo), and United States Mainland (Geo). Click on one of them to open a new project.
  2. To add straight line, you can click on bulk input/ import data button and select Line under Points and Lines section.

  3. Fill in the information of lines using grid as below:

    Note: You can import your data from a spreadsheet Unicode text file (.txt) by pressing import data file or click paste from clipboard button to paste the data from clipboard.

    Column Description Sample
    Line Name A reference name shown in the item list. Line 1
    Latitude (Start/End) The start/ end/ curvature latitude coordinate of the line, it should be in decimal degree format.

    Latitude will range from 90 to -90 where N is positive and S is negative.
    Longitude (Start/End) The start/ end/ curvature longitude coordinate of the line, it should be in decimal degree format.

    Longitude will range from -180 to 180 where W is negative and E is positive .
    Line Style line style
    Line color Web color value in hexadecimal notation (HEX), it can be retrieved in [Get color code] section. #FF0000
    Line Thickness line thickness 6
    Line Opacity Opacity ranges from 0 (fully transparent) to 100 (fully opaque) 100
    Start/End Symbol The symbol at the start/end of the lines.

    URL The URL address to open when clicking the line
    URL Target The target to open the URL Address, for example, _blank for new window, _self for same window.
    Tooltip The description text when mouseover. Line 1