Import map labels using latitude & longitude data

iMapBuilder supports to insert text labels using latitude and longitude coordinates, which is suitable for pinpointing city locations, displaying branch offices across regions, or showing an absolute location of a particular place. The software allows you to import labels manually on the grid, or import data from an Excel spreadsheet file.


  1. Select File -> New in the toolbar. Click "Latitude/ Longitude Map" button in template wizard, a list of maps would be presented such as World countries, United States (Geo), and United States Mainland (Geo). Click on one of them to open a new project.
  2. To add text label, you can click on the bulk import icon "Bulk Input/ Import Data" and select Label under 'Points and Lines' section. A pop-up window is now displayed.

  3. Fill in the information of text label using Grid as below:

    Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet file

    You can import your data from a spreadsheet Unicode text file (.txt) by pressing "import data file" or click "paste from clipboard" button to paste the data from clipboard. You can also click "copy all to clipboard" button to copy the data or export the data to Excel by pressing "export data file" button.

    When clicking "import data file", a pop-up window is displayed for you to load a data file in txt format, select a recent data file or load sample data.

Column Description Sample
Label Name A reference name shown in the item list. Washington DC
Latitude The latitude coordinate of the label, it should be in decimal degree format.

Latitude will range from 90 to -90 where N is positive and S is negative
Longitude The longitude coordinate of the label, it should be in decimal degree format.

Longitude will range from -180 to 180 where W is negative and E is positive
Label Text The label text shown on the map Washington DC
With Background 1 to enable background, 0 to disable background 1
Background Color Web color value in hexadecimal notation (HEX) #FF0000
Background Opacity Opacity ranges from 0 (fully transparent) to 100 (fully opaque) 100
Label Width Width of the label in pixels 30
Position Center This function will auto adjust the position of label to centre relative to the coordinate.
1 for position center, 0 for position from top left