Create a drill down map of United States

Making a drill down map is simple and easy, just follow the steps below and you will be making interactive map in no time.

A drill down map example - click to zoom from state into county level

  1. Click Create in the Create New Map Project panel, as the California, Florida map etc. will be displayed when the user clicks on the US map in the sample, the user needs to create 5 different projects. They are California, Florida, Nebraska, Texas and US map.

    create us map

    create us county map

  2. Once you have created the state maps (e.g. Florida and California),

    i) Publish each map to different folders. The file structure should be as follows:



    ii) Upload the files so that both the maps will be displayed in the following links (replace with your own domain) :
  3. In the US map project, select the states and enter the URLs for California, Florida maps etc. that have been uploaded in step2.