Batch edit map region settings

iMapBuilder allows you to edit map region settings such as color, hyperlink, tooltips directly using grid, paste from clipboard or import data from Excel file in CSV format.

Plot customers onto a map using information from Excel

If you have an Excel spreadsheet file with list of locations and need to plot the on a world map,
we suggest you use iMapBuilder Online.

regional map created using software

Edit Regions directly in the Grid:

  1. Locate the region settings tab.
    • Main Menu > Edit > Region Settings
    • or in the bottom panel, switch to region settings tab.
  2. Click switch to grid edit mode.

    switch to grid edit mode

  3. Locate the correct region in the list.
  4. Edit name To display field for the mouseover toolip.
  5. Edit region normal color and highlight color.
  6. Add hyperlink for the regions.
  7. Use color selector to get the hexadecimal format color code.
  8. Change the region's group highlight id.
  9. Click apply to make changes.

    edit map region settings using grid

Copy and Paste map region settings from spreadsheet

  1. Open your spreadsheet software (like Excel or OpenOffice).
  2. Click copy all to clipboard to copy the region setting data into clipboard.
  3. Switch to spreadsheet software and create a new blank spreadsheet.
  4. Paste the clipboard data into your spreadsheet.
  5. Edit the region setting data inside your spreadsheet software.
  6. Select the related cell in your spreadsheet and copy the data back into clipboard.
  7. Switch to the iMapBuilder software, and click paste from clipboard to paste back the region setting data from spreadsheet.
  8. PS: Paste or Import should include the header title with same number of rows and columns.

    copy and paste map region settings

Import and Export Data File

  1. The data file is in Unicode Text (.txt), you can find this file format in Excel.
  2. Click the export data file to export the existing region setting data.

    import export map data from spreadsheet file

  3. Open data file in spreadsheet like Excel or OpenOffice (For OpenOffice, we recommend you to rename the datafile to .csv extension because OpenOffice may default open the .txt in it's OpenOffice Docs).
  4. Edit the region setting data in a spreadsheet software.
  5. Save the data file
    • For Excel - save the data file into Unicode Text (.txt )

      save as Unicode Text format in Excel

    • For OpenOffice - save the data file into Text CSV (.csv ), enable Edit Filter Settings
      choose Unicode as Character Set, Tab as the field delimiter set text delimiter as blank.

      OpenOffice save csv data file

      OpenOffice export text file