Highlight and group areas of a map

Sometimes you need to group several areas into a region (e.g. grouping states) to produce a map for business or statistical use. This can be easily made in iMapBuilder software.

  1. Enable highlight and group areas function.

  2. Set a group ID to desired region. For example if you are going to create a travel map, you can enter 1 to indicate places you have been, 2 to indicate places you are planning to visit. When we mouseover a region, other regions belonging to the same group will also be highlighted.

    This function can also apply the same set of colors to each grouped area quickly, click apply to group button.

  3. The grid edit mode of region settings tab enable you to batch enter or import data.

    You can import your data from a Unicode text file (.txt) by pressing import data file or click paste from clipboard button to paste the data from clipboard. You can also click copy all to clipboard button to copy the data or export the data by pressing export data file button. Click apply to save the settings.

  4. When user places a mouse over a region, other regions with the same group will be highlighted as well.