Settings of map marker icons

iMapBuilder software includes a wide selection of standard and animated icons for markers. You can also import your own ones to locate points of interest on a map.


  1. Click add marker button. Click change to choose icons.

  2. There are three icon categories.

    select map marker icons
    For the list of available map icons, please visit here.

  3. You can click Import Icons to import your own icons in Flash SWF (without actionscript), JPG, static GIF or PNG format.

Location marker with label

  1. You can set icon's rotation angle, size and insert a label beside the icon.

    There are four directions to select for the label position.
    To change the angle and the size of icon, you can adjust here:

  2. You can also set mouse event for a marker. Enter text description for map tooltip or even insert image for map infowindow.

  3. And finally, you need to define the location where you want to place the map marker.
  4. Click Apply to confirm.