Customize map styles and color theme

You can create your unique style of the map by setting of the background and map region color.

Import your own background image

  1. To import a background image, please prepare an image file (jpg / png / gif format)
  2. In iMapBuilder Map Option tab at the bottom part, you will see the setting option as below:

  3. Map background settings

  4. Load your image into iMapBuilder and reduce the Opacity of the Background color in order to appeal your own image.

  5. After insert your own image background, the image may distorted. It is recommended to click "Original Size" in the Map Size to keep the best quality.

  6. Change the Region Color Setting in order to match the style of your image background. Please click HERE to read further instruction about Region Color Setting.

    Or you can select our pre-set theme region color:

    Click color setting button on the left under the Settings option.

    Then a pop up window shows few color combinations for users to select. In the second tab "Customize Map Color Setting", colors can be customized as well.

    select map color theme

Other Effect / Color / Background Pattern Settings

You can stylize your map by adding different special effect.

  1. In the More Map Option tab at the bottom, you can pick up your own General Map Color/ Map Transition Effect/ General Land Effect When Highlight/ Background Pattern.

  2. General Map Color Option is for users to change the whole map region color at once. So you don't need to select every region and change their regions' Normal Color/ Highlight Color/ Map Border Color.

    Map Color settings

  3. Map Transition Effect allows users to control the appearance method of lands of the map. Options such as Zoom in/ Zoom out/ Fade in/ Sliding is usually used in the interactive map.

  4. General land effect when highlight allows users to add effect when the land is highlighted. When users enable Drop Shadow function, the land will be emphasized with shadow at the back. While the Glow function is enabled, the edge of the land will be highlighted with glow color.

  5. Background pattern option is for users to add repeated patterns in the map background. Dots/ Oblique lines/ Vertical lines/ Grid lines ... are available in iMapBuilder software. You can also choose the lines/dots color to match your map theme.

Styled Map Templates

iMapBuilder (for Windows) also provides styled map templates with different such as:

world map 3D style
World Map 3D style
world map ancient style
World Map in ancient style
US map with statue background
US map with Statue of Liberty background
UK map military band
UK map with Military band background