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For Windows

For Mac, Linux or other non-Windows users:

- iMapBuilder Online runs directly in browser and allows embed of maps to your own website using copy and paste.

For Windows

Interactive diagram:

iMapBuilder for Windows provides users with the easy-to-use interface they need for building interactive diagram. Here is a sample of interactive diagram of a light bulb, mouse over the icons for more details.

For Responsive and Mobile Ready Custom Map, Try iiCreator

If you would like to view the interactive diagram in desktops, Mac, mobile and tablet devices, you can try our html5 version interactive image creator - iiCreator. You may visit our showcase for iiCreator here.

Convert static custom image into interactive

iMapBuilder interactive map maker features a [Import Custom Map Image] function, users can import an existing custom image in GIF, JPG or PNG format into the software easily.

Add markers

The built-in map icons collection includes a lot of standard and animated icons to help users add points, with pop up infobox showing additional information mouseover/ mouseclick easily. Images associated diagram along with hyperlinks to direct visitors to another site can also be inserted in the pop up infobox.

Add and define your Custom Region

Users can draw and define custom areas in rectangular, circular or polygonal shape on top of the food name, with mouseover tooltips showing more details..

Draw straight /curve lines and labels to label different parts of diagram

Users can draw straight or curves lines with text labels to display the name of different parts.

Embed an interactive instruction diagram into website, blog or CMS

With the HTML code generator developed by iMapBuilder mapping tool, there is no need to remember the complex HTML code required to embed interactive diagram into your web pages, blogger or CMS. All you need to do is to publish and upload the map, then copy and paste the embed code into your site.

Samples of interactive maps created using iMapBuilder

booth layout
Booth layout of a book fair.

interactive floor plan
Pinpoint hotspot on a floorplan map.