Showcase of Interactive Map

New! Maps Created Using iMapBuilder HTML5

Interactive maps created by iMapBuilder HTML5 are responsive and can be viewed in desktop, Mac, mobile and tablet devices. You can easily embed into responsive website like WordPress with just a few clicks.

choropleth map of europe
Create a choropleth map for presentation of data.

labeled map of U.S.
Labeled map of United States.

add pie chart on maps
Map chart for Visualizing data.

statistic map showing sales figure
A statistic map showing sales figure.

Maps Created Using iMapBuilder For Windows

world robinson map
An interactive world map in Robinson projection.

pacific centered world map
A Pacific centered world map with flight routes added.

Multi-level US map
Multi-level US map, drill down to state level with county borders.

University Campus Map
University Campus map with bubbles to introduce locations.

Global Map image
Import your world map image (satellite view).

Voting precinct map with ballot stations.

add cities on asia pacific map
Create a map of Asia Pacific with cities for a website.

Drawing paths between waypoint
Draw paths between waypoints to illustrate the journey.

Samples Of Interactive Image Map

trade show exhibition layout
Booth layout of trade show exhibition.

interactive floor plan
Turns static indoor floor plan into interactive.

Annotated Metro Map
Annotated Metro Map plus information for tourist.

instructions diagram
Explain instructions on diagram using tooltips.

Note: If you would like to create image map for mobile and tablet devices or even for responsive website, you can try our iiCreator Interactive Image Creator. Click here to download now!

Custom Maps Base On Google Maps

Locate US Congressional District by ZIP code search
Search US Congressional District with ZIP code locator.

Sales region map
A Sales region map display stats and contact info in popup boxes.