More software or products we offer:

Besides iMapBuilder, we also offer more software or solutions related to maps or websites.


Our brand new HTML5 image hotspot generator. It is suitable to annotate floor plans, like those for home, trade show and school campuses. It is easy to create image maps, flowcharts, or even scribble on your own photos for fun.

You can now mark up your images and export the annotated image in HTML5 format. This version supports marking up with pinpoints, straight lines, curves and polygons. The created image are supported by a wide range of devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets etc.

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image hotspot generator


Map apps for mobile users. An Android / iPhone mobile application for viewing maps (created using our Google Map Editor).

PowerPoint Maps

Get vector maps for PowerPoint slides. Make your business presentations become attractive.


A template based website building software. Simply select designs from the library and get started. You do not need to hire a programmer, save hundreds.

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