Software Overview - iMapBuilder

Introduction of iMapBuilder software



Colored map with your style

colored map for website Highlight countries or states with color or your own map style for presentation.

Create heat map

geographical heat map Heat map - color or shade map in proportion with the measurement of statistics data such as population density, per-capita income.

Create a map with legend

map with legend explains symbols used Create a map legend to describe what colors or symbols represent.

Pinpoint locations on a map

pinpoint locations on a map Add locations on map with icons as a geographic locator on the web.

Add speech bubble to describe

show information or photo on a map Show information of a place using infobox in an interactive map.

Plot cities on a map

plot cities on a map Some maps include a list of major cities to import. Or you may add markers to locate them.

Use your own image basemap

clickable image map Turn your static background into HTML image map.

Label a map

annotated map Create an annotated map with labels of city or country names.

Add clickable area on maps

add clickable area on maps Highlight area on your custom map or image. (e.g. a booth in convention center)

Group areas or states of a map

group areas or states of a map Group areas to create regional maps base on you needs.

Directions map

map with directions
Draw lines map with arrows showing travel directions.

Interactive route map

interactive route map Draw routes on map between waypoints. A flight route map can be easily made.

Zoomable maps

Enable pan and zoom, click to zoom or adjust the default zoom level. Drill down map can also be made.

Enable category legend

filtering markers by category
Switch layers of markers by category. Show or hide objects of the group.

Import location from datafile

plot locations by latitude and longitude coordinates Plot latitude and longitude location is possible for specific maps & data in Unicode text file (.txt) format.

Embed map in website

add map to website Insert map to your website, blog or CMS as a store locator or for data presentation purpose.

Export map image for slide

image map for presentation slide Able to export an image map for Powerpoint slide or insert to other documents.