Maps infowindow

You can add a tooltips to display information on mouseover.

Enable map tooltip

  1. To add tooltips, you can click mouseover Event tab, select different style of tooltips and add descriptions. Unlike the Infobox style, the tooltip will disappear when you cursor leaves a place.

  2. There are three tooltips styles for users to choose from.

    tooltips on map

  3. Click apply and you will see a tooltip when mouseover a marker.

Map marker with infowindow

You can also add a infowindow on a point for showing image and text. You can click on the Mouse Click Event or mouseover Event tab, select different style of infobox, add description and image to the infobox.

Mouseover Event

1. When users mouse hover a marker an infobox will shown, it can be closed by clicking the cross button. There are two types of infobox for you to choose from.

2. You can customize different color of infobox, border color, the size of image and text area of infobox. Click apply to save the settings.

Mouse Click Event

1. An infobox will be displayed when users click an icon, while it will be closed by clicking the cross button icon. There are two different mouseover events to choose from, The two styles are the same as those in mouseover Event, where you can configure the font style, insert image, set the color, etc. Click apply to save changes.

You will see an infobox when mouseover/ mouse click the icon.

infobox on map

Insert image in a map infowindow

You may add a single image in infobox/ tooltips by using <img> tag.
Here is a sample code: ( Please fill in the full path, width & height values for the image)

<img src="" width="48" height="48" >

(For the 5th type of mouseover Tooltip, please start with a <br> tag if you are having the image on left side)

<br><img src="" width="48" height="48" >

insert image in pop-up infobox of interactive map

Anchor infobox position

You can place the infobox in different position of the map either in mouse click event or mouseover event.

First, pin a point and create a mouseover/ click event. Choose the first two type of info boxes on the left. The "Anchor the infobox to" option will be appeared.

You can select tje position to display infobox.

For example, when you choose top right corner of the map.

You will see your infobox appear on the top right of the map and so on.

Assign a link on marker to open web page

You can select URL Address in Mouse Click Event, and enter a hyperlink (e.g. and redirect users to another page. The new page can be displayed in the same window, pop up window or others.

For more information about tooltip settings, please read here.