Install additional maps to software

If you purchase individual map template(s), please follow steps below:

  1. Make sure you have installed iMapBuilder software (Registered version)

    You may verify it at:
    Software menu bar >> help >> about.

  2. Install map template(s)

    From the menu bar of software,
    click: file >> install map package

  3. Select Install map template(s) from server.
  4. Copy the Download Link from our system mail and Paste to the field

  5. Fill in the registration name and license key (which can be found in our system mail).
    (no prevailing, trailing space or quotation marks should be copied)

  6. You can find installed maps at Help > About.

Note: If the watermark still exist, you need to make sure the map template you are using is included in your package. Please view the map list below:

Standard :
Professional :
Studio :
Enterprise :