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Create labeled maps

create labeled united states map

Create a political map of the world with all the country names and borders, or a map showing the 50 States of US with their official abbreviations.

> Labeled U.S. Map Sample

Data visualization maps

data visualization map

Use color to visualize data in a better way. Highlight regions or generate heat map and bubble charts that shade geographic areas base on intensity.

> Choropleth Map Example

Wide selection of maps

interactive map template

Create regional maps using ready made templates. Including world continents, countries, county maps of United States and zip code maps.

> Browse Map Gallery

interactive map software

iMapBuilder HTML5 for Windows

Latest version: v13.0 (released on 30th Jan 2020)

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP SP2+
  • Works on both 32/ 64 bit Windows.
  • Maps are responsive and viewable on PC, Mac, mobile & tablets.
  • Export for presentation or publish to website.

Download Free Trial
For Mac OS, Linux users,
try iMapBuilder Online with HTML5 and Google Map support.

Use iMapBuilder to Create Interactive Maps - Features Highlight

embed and share Embed and share
Embed interactive map to a page or send direct links to share with others.
data visualization Pie chart map
Visualize data using iMapBuilder's new data visualization tool
multimedia ready Multimedia ready
Link to an image and video for every point of interest.
manage large datasets Manage large datasets
Edit location data using grids or import latitude/ longitude coordinates from Excel or CSV file.
custom map icons Custom map icons
Use our default set of icons or import your icon images.
export as image Export as image
Export map as an image for your documents, pdf or powerpoint.

> Explore Map Software Features