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Easily Create Office Locator Map

Create maps to show branch offices, banks, shops, outlets and more!

iMapBuilder map software creates office locator maps easily in a snap. Select your map coverage, add your locations and ready to show off on your website. Suitable for companies operating in specific states, and entrepreneurs with worldwide branches.

This map sample shows the office locations of an international company. It uses colored pins to denote the various branch offices: Blue for the American branches, Green for Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) branches, Orange for Asian branches and Purple for Australian branches. A dotted pin is used to denote the regional headquarters, and the star pin is used as the general headquarter of this firm.

Why iMapBuilder HTML5 is your ideal locator map creator

  • Wide range of map templates
    Our map templates starts with continents, major countries and down to states or regions.

  • Direct and accurate pinpointing
    Dropping pins to add your branch offices directly on the map, or add by using longitude and latitude values for higher accuracy.

  • Rich content
    Add formatting to the content of each pinpoint with HTML tags and CSS styles to fit in your corporate website style. Information boxes even support media files like images and videos to spice up your map.

  • Cross-platform and mobile ready
    Interactive maps created by iMapBuilder software supports latest version of major browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices

  • Readily to embed
    Show off your map with just a few lines of embed code, and built-in FTP to get your map files readily online. Compatible to any web pages, blogs and online presentations.

Try it out for locator map creation with iMapBuilder.