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Asia Map Showing Marketing Branches

Since the rapid economic development in Asia, there are more international companies have set up their branch offices in Asian countries, e.g. China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore. iMapBuilder HTML5 Map Builder provides map templates for Asian countries (e.g. China, Japan, Thailand), and various interactive maps can be created for displaying the locations and information of Asian branch offices.

Why iMapBuilder HTML5 is an ideal tool for presenting your business

  • Categorize different locations by using different icons
    Pinpoint locations of different branch offices in different icons / colors / sizes for distinguishing the categories of different markets. (e.g. bigger red icon represents head office)

  • Provide details in the description box
    Description box in different content types (e.g. text / images / videos) can be inserted to each marker for providing more information (e.g. address, tel no, homepage)

  • Insert external URLs to the map
    External URLs of different official homepage can be inserted to the markers.

  • Highlight specific region
    Edit regions' color and highlight specific regions for better presentation.

  • Customized infobox style
    Infobox style (e.g. color, border, size, font, font size) can be customized to suit the map / company's image

  • Create Map Legend
    Map Legend is used for explaining the functions / meanings of different map features (e.g. markers , regions color)

  • Add labels for annotation
    Labels can be added for annotation or footer of the map. Extra information or company name can also be added.

  • Set default map view
    Default map view can be adjusted manually. First zoom in and drag the preferred map view level, and then save the current map view as the default one.
    Furthermore, zooming and draggable functions can be disabled in order to keep the default map view.

Download free trial now to create branch locator for your business.