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Distribution Map - Koalas in Australia

Interactive maps can be used for showcasing distribution of of various items, for example sales territory, potential clients, wild animals. In the following map, a polygon is drawn to indicate the distribution of koalas in Australia.

How to create a distribution map:

  • Add markers with description
    Locations of the sanctuary are marked with yellow pins. Markers with description box can be added to the map for pinpointing specific locations with detailed information.

  • Create custom regions by adding polygons
    Custom regions can be created for presenting the distribution of Koalas by adding polygons. Two polygons are added to the map for showing the habitat of Koalas in Australia.

  • Use of hyperlinks in infobox
    Text links can be added in the description box to link additional information.

  • Enable map legend for indicating map features
    Map legend is used to explain symbols used.

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