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Sales Territory Map: Sales Distribution in Canada

Interactive maps can be used as a sales report for presentation use. You can show your statistics data according to countries/counties/regions by coloring the regions, adding labels or using the heat map. In this example, a Canadian company makes use of the HTML5 map to present its sales distribution across the nation.

Features Used in Creating Sales Teritory Map

  • Divide different sales teams by regions grouping
    Assign regions to different sales teams by grouping that regions in the same group would be assigned for the same region's color and would be highlighted at the same time when mouseover one of it.

  • Un-highlight the non-related regions by editing the region setting
    Regions that not inside the sales territory can be "un-highlighted" by editing the highlight color in the Region Properties panel.

  • Insert external URLs to the map
    Add makers to pinpoint locations of the sales teams, and then add labels to indicate the sales percentage in that region. Lines are added to link up the related markers and lines.

  • Enable tooltips for indicating regions
    Tootlips can be enabled to replace adding labels for indicating the regions.

  • Add map title inside the map by adding label
    Map title can be added inside the map by adding labels. Font size, style and color can be edited to match the style and theme of the map.

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