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Map demo with custom marker icons

This interactive HTML5 map shows the result of the 2012-2013 Premier League in UK that size of the football icon indicate the ranking of the football club. You can import your own custom icon as marker and also add a background image for your interactive maps with iMapBuilder Mapping Software.

Features of creating 2012-2013 Premier League

  • Pinpoint locations with customized marker icon
    Customized icon can be imported to match with the map theme. In the sample map, football icon is imported to match with the theme of Premier League.

  • Present the rankings by editing the size of icons
    Icons can be edited to different sizes for indicating the rankings in the 2012-2013 Premier League.
    In the sample map, icon of the champion club, Manchester United, is the biggest one while icon sizes of other clubs are smaller regarding to their rankings.

  • Insert table to the infobox
    Table is inserted to each infobox for neatly presenting information. Since there are many information (e.g. name, address, position) has to be added into the infobox, table can prevent messing up of content.

  • Edit infobox style
    Color, font, font color, border style of the infobox can be customized to link up with the map theme.

  • Import background image
    Apart from changing the background color, background image can be imported for making the custom map more unique.
    In the sample map, image of national flag is imported as the background to match with the map theme, Premier League in UK.

Try iMapBuilder free and insert custom icons on your interactive maps.