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Insert Description in Map Infowindow

With our map software, you can easily create an interactive maps to display your location information. For example, you can create a church map, a community map for NGOs or branch office locator showing your locations and contact information. In this sample map, rich-content infobox can be added to each regions by entering the HTML code.

Creating map with description box

  • Pinpoint locations with different icons
    Pinpoint locations in different icon colors to clarify various churches. In addition, different icon sizes can be used for classify the church scale.

  • Insert image to the infobox
    Using the HTML code, image or multiple images can be inserted to the info box.

  • Insert table to the infobox
    Table can be used to neatly present content. Since there are many general information (e.g. title, address, contact number, email), table can prevent mess up of text content, and better present large amount of information.

  • Insert link to the infobox
    Hyperlink can be added in the infobox, that you can link to a webpage.

  • Edit infobox style
    Infobox color, font style and more options can be customized to suit the map/ organization theme.

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