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Category Map with Filter

When there are various overlays on the map, you can better categorize and group them using category legend. There are two types of category legends: single selection and multiple selection, which overlays in multiple categories can be displayed at the same time. Category legends provide an interactive platform for users to view the map according to their preferences.

  • Add markers with different marker icons
    Pinpoint locations with different icons for representing different natural resources.

  • Assign markers to categories
    Assign markers to various categories, which is another way for grouping, in Marker Properties panel

  • Create category legend
    Enable category legend function in either single selection or multiple selection. In single selection, users can only select displaying overlays in one category when they mouseover it in the legend; while multiple selection allows users to select various categories by checking checkboxes in the legend.
    In the above map, the category legend is created with multiple selection that you can multi-select various categories.

  • Enable regions abbreviation
    Regions title can be added on the map by simply enabling regions abbreviation function in Map Settings panel

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