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U.S. Region Map

Create navigational maps showing your divisions, and link up your map with regional sites at ease.

iMapBuilder software creates regional map with great results. Simply add colors and links to the states or countries on our map templates, and they become your professional region map. Which is useful for showing the coverage of your branches in the world or within a continent. They can be made as website navigation to regional sites of companies, schools, banks and organizations.

Why iMapBuilder HTML5 is your ideal regional map creator

  • Wide range of map templates
    Our map templates starts with continents, major countries and down to states or regions.

  • Colorful presentation
    Mix and match different colors to the background and your regions, then create your own color theme to fit in your website. Default color schemes are also available for instant theming of your map.

  • Group highlighting
    Assign states or countries of the same division into groups and give them the same highlighting when one of them is selected.

  • Linking up with more content
    Add link to each region to open regional sites, or use information boxes to write something about your operation in the region. Information boxes support rich content in HTML and CSS, and media files like images and videos.

  • Cross-platform and mobile ready
    Interactive maps created by iMapBuilder software supports latest version of major browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Try it free to create your own regional maps now.