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Map for Editorial Use - Presidential Election

Create election map to show election information instantly for your election campaign, or the election result just like you have seen on news.

iMapBuilder map software provides a wide range of country map templates to make your own election maps. It can be a basic information map to show election platform of each candidate, or it can be a strong supporter map tracking the election campaign with photos and videos from various activities and rallies.

Visualizing election result cannot be easier with iMapBuilder HTML5. Add colors to regions to denote the winning party. Details of the vote, like vote count or winning percentage, are popped up when a region or state is hovered or clicked. The resulting map looks just like those seen on other websites or news channels.

The map sample above shows the presidential election result of the US. Each state is colored according to the candidate of the winning party. The look and feel of these popups can be adjusted in the software, and the text in these boxes support rich formatting using HTML and CSS.

Top reasons why iMapBuilder HTML5 creates the best election map

  • Wide range of map templates
    Our map templates starts with continents, major countries and down to states/regions.

  • Colorful presentation
    Mix and match different colors to the background and your regions, then create your own color theme to fit in your website. Default color schemes are also available for instant theming of your map.

  • Group highlighting
    Assign states or countries of the same division into groups and give them the same highlighting when one of them is selected.

  • Linking up with more content
    Add link to each region to open regional sites, or use information boxes to write something about your operation in the region. Information boxes support rich content in HTML and CSS, and media files like images and videos.

  • Cross-platform and mobile ready
    Interactive maps created by iMapBuilder HTML5 mapping software supports latest version of major browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  • Readily to embed
    Show off your map with just a few lines of embed code, and built-in FTP to get your map files readily online. Compatible to any web pages, blogs and online presentations.

Start using interactive map for editorial. Download iMapBuilder for free!