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Flight route map of United States

The flight route map showcases the flight routes across the United States from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. You can hover the curves to see the duration of the flight travel.

This interactive route map is created by iMapBuilder software. Detailed information can be shown by simply inserting infoboxes to curves.

Features of creating the travel route map

  • Pinpoint locations
    Pinpoint airport locations by adding markers. In order to keep the flight map simple and clear, maker icons in the same style are used, except the marker of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

  • Add annotation to markers
    Labels are inserted along with the markers for annotating the cities names. Labels can be inserted in different position towards the markers (e.g. top / right / bottom) depends on your preference and the map design.

  • Draw curves
    As you can see in the sample map, there are some curve lines added to show the flights in between different regions. Actually, you can also customize the curves' style and color.

  • Insert infobox to curves
    Infobox is inserted to each line for annotating the flight duration. Rich content (e.g. images / videos / URLs) infobox can be inserted if necessary. In the sample map, image is added to the "Flight to New York"

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