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Highlight countries on a map

The map demo illustrates the distribution of top 200 companies' headquarters. Regions are highlighted in orange-red in the world map. It can be done quickly. Based on a news story, we entered countries' data into a table. Then we assign a color to these countries (of the same group) with just one command in the software. You can also create a U.S. region map with similar steps that group states base on your needs.

Present classification of countries

  • Country groupings
    We often see the use of maps in media for reporting news. iMapBuilder enables you to group countries freely depending on the circumstances.

  • Map highlight countries
    Enter or import data to highlight certain countries on a world map with colors for visualizing statistical data or facts.

  • Wide range of uses
    Maps for different purposes, for example, displaying visited countries can be made by grouping and highlighting features in the software.

Try iMapBuilder free to create map with countries highlighted.