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Create your own interactive map

Sometimes you may want to replace those pushpin or standard icons in a map. This is possible in iMapBuilder software. Apart from markers that we provide, you can search for free map icons (in JPEG or PNG format) and use them. We often see our users insert icons of transportation such as aircrafts.

A handy tool for generating customized maps

  • Customizable maps
    Adjust region color and map dimensions in the editor to match the design of your web page.

  • Custom map icons
    The software enables import of marker icons or company logo. Map icons of different themes can be easily found on the internet and usually they are free.

  • Rich text editor
    With the help of rich text editor, even you are not familiar with coding. You are still able to stylize infoboxes and show photos on a map.

Try it free to make your own map and enjoy!