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Add Company Logo

You can place an image or your company logo on top of the map. Here is a video tutorial:


  1. Click the Add Markers button on the vertical toolbar.
  2. Go to your desired location and drop the marker directly on the map.
  3. Click the Select button on the vertical toolbar and select the marker you have just added.
  4. In the Marker Properties Panel, click the marker icon image under Marker Icon to open the Select Icon dialog.
  5. Click Import Icons button to the bottom left and locate your logo image in the Explorer window. PNG and JPG images are supported, and you will be prompted if the logo image is imported.
  6. Go to (Custom Icons) category to the left of the dialog box. You can see your logo image appears to the right. Select your logo image and the marker icon will change automatically.
    Custom Icons in Select Icon dialog
  7. Adjust the size of the logo in the Marker Properties Panel by selecting the width and height values from dropdown list under Marker Icon or type in the width/height values directly in the text field
  8. To add a link from your logo to your website, go to Link to Web Address in the Marker Properties Panel and enter your desired link.

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