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Create New Map Projects from Map Templates

  1. You can create new map projects from our map templates by using any one of the following methods:
    • Start Wizard > Create New Map
      Start Wizard - Create New Map
    • Go to File > New
    • Select the New icon from the toolbar
  2. Select a Category to the left of the screen and choose your desired template on the right.
    • Use thumbnail view to visually choose the template.
      Choose map template in thumbnail view
    • Use list view to quickly navigate through the template library.
      Choose map template in list view
    • You may enter the first alphabet of the name of the template to quickly jump to your desired template.
  3. Click Next and choose a map color theme. You can tick the checkbox Set selected theme as default to set your chosen theme as the default theme for other new projects.
    Choose map color theme
    You may switch to another color theme, or fine tune the background and border colors in the editor.

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