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Add Images to Infobox

Using Rich Text Editor

  1. For region and most overlays, you can find infobox properties in properties panel
  2. Add Images to Infobox
  3. Select "Rich Text Editor" mode
  4. Click on the textarea to popup the infobox wizard
  5. In this infobox wizard, we provide different layout of infobox content.
  6. Infobox Wizard
  7. Choose the appropriate layout
  8. Click Browse in image section and insert image
  9. You can resize the image if necessary, simply fill in the dimension and click Resize Image
  10. Fill in the description field and format it using the toolbar e.g. bold, italic, underline, color, font etc
  11. Infobox Wizard
  12. Click "Ok" to confirm update and back to main screen
  13. A live preview will be shown in infobox section
  14. Infobox Preview
  15. Switch to Preview mode, and mouseover the overlay (e.g. marker), an infobox with image will be shown
  16. Infobox Preview

Using HTML Code Editor

  1. If you are familiar with html code, you may insert your own html code to create flexible layout
  2. Select "HTML Code Editor" mode
  3. Paste your code into the textarea of the infobox

Change Infobox Style

  1. You can change the size and background color of the infobox, please go to infobox style section

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